Best Hosting Checker Tools in 2022

Best Hosting Checker Tools in 2022: In this article, you will get information about the best website hosting checker tools and why hosting checker tools is important to analyze your competitor’s web hosting.

Best Hosting Checker Tools: If you are a blogger, then your competitors should have knowledge of the details of the web hosting provider.


Hosting Checker Tools will help you learn more about your competitor’s strategy. Do you also want to know which web hosting to host your competitor’s website ID.

We will tell you about the best Hosting Checker Tools where you can find the hosting information of any website. Additionally, you will get some additional information such as domain provider details.

If you already have some knowledge about web hosting and website building, then you should know the importance of web hosting features. You can see the hosting checker tools below directly.

But you are new in Blogging and you need every information of Web Hosting, just read our article.


Top 5 Best Hosting Checker Tools Of 2022

  1. Hosting Checker
  2. Who Is Hosting This
  3. Small SEO Tools
  4. Satori Hosting Detector
  5. Host Advice Hosting Checker

Above is the list of the best web hosting checker tools to our knowledge. You can use one of them to find out which web hosting service your competitor is using. This will help you analyze their website. This hosting checker tools also shows you the hosting provider name and Alexa ranking of that web site. Also state when the web site was last updated. You can also view the Who is information by clicking on that option.

Above are the best and free web hosting checker tools of 2021 as per our knowledge. You can use any one of them that you like best. But finding the hosting provider of only one web site is valuable if you do not know how to evaluate it.


What Is A Web Hosting?

Hosting is a storage place where we can store data related to our blog or website. Taking an example that we live in our house. Who consider data as their own and hosting as their home. Without hosting, it is not possible to create a blog or website. There are many providers available in the market when we talk about hosting. You have to choose one of them.


Domain Information

While many domain registrars hide their personal information, you can contact them through the registrar most of the time. You can get this information by doing a “WHOIS lookup” on any domain.


How to Find ? Where A Website is Hosted

Identifying the web host to find the hostname of the server is very simple. But sometimes it is very difficult for a device to find the details of the web host. Some websites use the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to conceal identity. Some use third-party firewalls to hide them.

Web Servers

A web server is a computer, physical or virtual, that performs the functions of websites. Servers can host a website. Your computer use an IP address to contact with web server. By looking at the IP address registrar, you may be able to identify the web hosting provider.

Nameservers & DNS Records

A name server acts as a “PHONEBOOK” for domain names. To obtain the IP addresses of a domain, the computer needs to query a name server. A number of DNS records are available in addition to IP addresses. By digging through these records, you can find out who your hosting provider is.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Websites are sometimes hosted on multiple web servers. A content delivery network (CDN) is used to achieve this. A CDN consists of many web servers worldwide. It provides faster loading speed for websites. Find the location of these servers and who is hosting them.


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Why Analyze Your Competitors Hosting?

Sometimes we need to know our competitor’s hosting provider to analyze the strategy there. In that case we need to host the checker tool. These tools can help you find the hosting details of any website. This will give you the best knowledge and a good insight on which web hosting is value for money. You can use the information collected for all providers and compare them. This will help you find the best hosting.

Best Hosting Checker Tools in 2022

Final Thoughts: Best Hosting Checker Tools

In this article, we have shared with you a complete guide on best and free online hosting checker tool of 2020. If you still have any doubts about web hosting checker tools, you can ask us by commenting below. We will definitely help you to clear all your doubts.

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